It’s been too long since I posted

I don’t have a huge amount to say except that I am going to continue to work on getting stronger and I seriously love my body right now. I want to so much to use it in all sorts of ways. To run, skip, jump, lift, stretch, dance, play. I really hope I can go to North Country Fair because I want to be outside hula hooping and doing yoga in the morning sun and dancing as the sun goes down. Continue reading It’s been too long since I posted


Was a big day for my body 🙂 I did 400m, 10 cleans 55#, 400m, 8 cleans, 400m, 6 cleans, 400m, 6 cleans, 400m, 4 cleans, 400m, 2 cleans with Kyle at Kinsman and then went to yoga. I feel great today – so strong and healthy. Now I just need to focus on work a little bit more. Continue reading Yesterday

back to the grind

After a weekend of a little too much socializing and not working out (unless walking around in high heels counts), I pushed pretty hard at crossfit tonight. Did Jack – AMRAP in 20mins 10 push press (50#), 10 24′ box jumps, 10 35# kettlebell swings. I did 8.5 rounds and holy, holy, holy that was hard. Didn’t help that I had like 5 hours sleep the night before. I really shouldn’t do this to myself, but having a bit of a social life back is so fun. Plus I have to admit that I like showing off my body. Kind … Continue reading back to the grind